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Unlock the Power of Sustainable Transportation Operations

Advanced Transport Data for carbon impact and cost reduction

SaaS and APIs solutions for Shippers and Carriers to reduce fleet energy costs and scope 3 carbon emissions, up to 40%.

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AI powered by 136 billion fuel consumption data

Best primary and real-time consumption data in the world to boost your decarbonization strategies.

Utilize our emission and consumption management solutions backed by 18 years of primary data collected from road transportation vehicles, to effectively reduce both fuel costs and Scope 3 emissions in your transport network. It's time to gain comprehensive insights into your transportation operations and take action to minimize your environmental footprint.

Measure and reduce your scope 3 carbon emissions

Simplify and automate multimodal emissions measurement: leverage real-world data and accessible reduction strategies to slash your scope 3 emissions by 40%. GLEC and ISO14083 accredited data for compliance.

Unlock carbon visibility with compliant and traceable data

Build a comprehensive multimodal carbon footprint with fully monitored and traceable primary data

Reduce reporting time and improve data quality

Instantly generate accurate reports with lower CO2e figures, avoid over-calculations, and develop effective decarbonisation action plans

Pinpoint emission reduction opportunities

Harness advanced road freight data to craft your Precise decarbonisation roadmap

Drive supplier collaboration

Collaborate with your transport providers to drive real-world emissions reductions, unleash collaborative and competitive efforts

84% of Emissions Primary Data
Emissions Reduction
Potential 32%
Top 5 most efficient carriers
Emissions intensity
42.8 gCO2e/t-km
Fuel Rate per carrier
0.51 EUR/km
Total emissions 74k t CO2e
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Get your GLEC compliant carbon dashboard for free

Optimize and reduce fuel consumption,
and get paid for it!

Achieve up to 30% fuel cost savings through real-time consumption measurement, live fuel-control alerting system, and monetize your performance with your shippers.

Enhance security and savings (save up to 30%)

Eradicate theft, fraud, and fuel inefficiencies from your operations.

Elevate fleet performance

Fine-tune your fleet's fueling and driving performance for maximum efficiency.

Leverage existing connectivity

Harness your manufacturer's rFMS data seamlessly, with no need for additional equipment.

Monetize your data sharing

Collaborate and profit by sharing your data with clients—earn money for each transport on a connected vehicle!

Average consumption
27.2 L/100km
Consumption Reduction
14.26 %
Top 10 vs Worst 10
Drivers & Vehicles
Refill Ratio 62%
Fuel Waste
5648 L/year
Fuel Thefts 1248 L
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Save on fuel costs and earn thousands sharing emissions data

Best in class data

Why Fleetenergies


Our unique solution leverages our vehicles' energy consumption expertise and engages all Supply Chain stakeholders. We enable shippers' decarbonization efforts automation while incentivizing carriers to control emissions and share fleet data.

Fleetenergies utilizes patented real-time carbon emissions measurement technology and advanced AI for precision. We offer real-time fuel consumption and emissions insights, supported by the most powerful fuel consumption library in the world.

How it works

  • Order/Freight Data
  • TMS
  • ERP
Primary Consumption & Emissions Data
  • Library of emissions Factors
  • Fleet Telematics / rFMS Monitoring
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
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Save 40% on declared emissions
  • Compliant Carbon Accounting
  • Transport Providers Management
  • Automated Decarbonization
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Save up to 30% on fuel costs
  • Secure Fuel Inventory
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Monetize Emissions Data

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