Take decarbonization actions to your multimodal transport

And reduce your scope 3 emissions and costs

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Discover how our primary data can significantly enhance the precision of your emissions reporting

reducing the reported emissions from road transport, which accounts for 75% of your transportation emissions

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Two easy steps to reduce
your carbon impact.

Send us your transport data, we will do the math!

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Free & Easy GLEC reporting with Fleetenergies

Free ISO14083 Dashboard of your scope 3 emissions

Gain access to a personalized web dashboard offering detailed Carbon insights for each shipment in your multimodal network. As a SFC accredited solution*, our reports adhere to the GLEC methodology*, ensuring globally compliant and accurate carbon results.

Seamless Data Collection from your transport activity

We can seamlessly integrate with all accessible data sources and points, whether from TMS or ERP, through API or File Transfer. Begin by sending your data to us.

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Accelerated decarbonization with Fleetenergies
Innovation Fleetenergies

Accelerate your decarbonization thanks to Fleetenergies advanced data

Leverage Fleetenergies' advanced data to potentially cut declared emissions by up to 40%. Enhance your transport data with precise consumption details, replacing default figures with actionable, shipment-specific CO2 insights.

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Take decarbonization actions
to your logistics

Smart Carrier Selection

Select the most efficient carriers using our Smart Carrier Selection tool. It evaluates carriers based on their performance and environmental impact, ensuring you partner with those who align with your sustainability goals. This feature streamlines the decision-making process and boosts overall transport efficiency.

Maximize Capacity, Minimize Waste

Our Load Optimization system ensures maximum capacity utilization while minimizing wasted space. By optimizing load configurations, it reduces the number of trips required, leading to significant savings in both costs and emissions. This tool is essential for efficient logistics management.

Connect vehicles and Slash Emissions by 15%

Implement our Real-Time Fuel Monitoring, RilcoFuel, to cut real-world emissions by up to 15%. This system tracks fuel usage accurately, identifying areas for improvement and promoting more efficient driving practices. It's a crucial step towards reducing your carbon footprint and operational costs.

Transition to Cleaner Energy

Our Smart Conversion Solutions facilitate a smooth transition to cleaner energy sources. This feature helps identify and implement the most efficient energy solutions for your operations, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and advancing your sustainability agenda.

Streamline Paths

Utilize our Advanced Route Optimization to streamline your transportation paths. This tool analyzes numerous variables to find the most efficient routes, reducing travel time, fuel consumption, and emissions. It's an intelligent way to enhance operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Drive Down Dead Miles

Our Strategic Empty Ride Reduction tackles the issue of unproductive trips. By optimizing scheduling and routing, it minimizes the occurrence of empty rides, leading to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in unnecessary emissions. This feature is key to a leaner, greener logistics operation.

Reduced emissions via connected vehicles
Easy API integration

And automation for complex, fragmented & heterogeneous logistics processes.

Full GLEC/ISO14083 compliance
Enrichment via all available activity-specific data
Multimodal carbon insights at shipment level
Use of Primary Consumption data for decarbonization
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6    "firstOriginDateTime": "2024-01-22T15:00:24.755Z",
7    "lastOriginDateTime": "2024-01-22T15:00:24.755Z",
8    "scope1Emissions_tCO2e": 0,
9    "scope2Emissions_tCO2e": 0,
10    "scope3Emissions_tCO2e": 0,
11    "totalEmissions_tCO2e": 0,
12    "transportActivity_tkm": 0,
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Transforming Transport with
Data-Led Emission Reduction

Importance of Primary Data

Unlock the power of precise CO2 reporting with real consumption data. Our approach replaces default emission factors, ensuring more accurate and lower CO2 declarations. Break free from linear models and embrace a data-driven path to sustainability.

FE Primary &
Emissions Data
Network Performance not benchmarkable
Granularity at shipment
Accuracy leading to 40% less declared emissions
Management of the performance of transport providers

Rich Database from Rilcofuel monitoring system

Our legacy telematics system RilcoFuel is a treasure trove of vehicle fuel consumption data. It enriches our database with nuanced insights, enabling a deeper understanding of fleet operations and their environmental impacts.

Connected Data for Real-Time Insights

Experience seamless connectivity with our advanced system, providing real-time vehicle data. This integration not only empowers carriers with effective fuel monitoring but also steers them towards significant cost and emission reductions.


FE Predict™ - Advanced Modeling Tool

FE Predict™ stands at the forefront of fuel consumption forecasting. Integrating detailed vehicle and road data, it offers unmatched precision in route matching, enhancing both your operational and environmental efficiency.

Accredited and compliant with the freight industry standards

Marcus Lomax
Technical Manager - Smart Freight Centre

"Fleetenergies is two steps ahead when it comes to road freight carbon accounting: Advanced Data Utilization reflecting primary emissions data Volumetric fuel measurement leading to accurately measured emission reduction Fleetenergies can leverage its data library and enhance emissions analysis towards real-world emission reductions."

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