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Reduce your costs by up
to 30% and control
your emissions

Start leveraging the world’s most accurate consumption data

SaaS solution for fleet consumption and emission management




Boost your decarbonization strategies
Reduce the impact of fuel cost

A 3-step methodology designed for SHIPPERS and CARRIERS:

!     We know you are facing thefts, waste, expensive operations.

Our real-time monitoring of vehicles’ fuel used allows us to identify and stop unproductive behaviors and optimize operations directly.

“Instantly reduce fuel costs and associated
emissions from 7 to 30%.”

Our platform and alerting services are leveraging our precise and dense fuel data to optimize operational costs: fuel consumption, waste, fraud, driving efficiency, and refueling behaviors. Our cyber-physical approach adds value to all data streams and their associated events while creating direct costs and environmental impacts.


Real truck photo with theft or waste :


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of wasteful

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Energy costs

!     Fleet consumption means limited, disjointed and unprecise data…

We connect your vehicles and get a view of your in-tank fuel volume, generating a unique primary consumption data without equipment.

Our process utilizes AI-Based data enrichment to create actionable consumption information. We are transforming limited consumption information unfit for measurements and optimization into precise, granular, and accurate in-tank volume readings, allowing complete control of cost and emissions reduction down to a single shipment.

Our system creates Digital Twins for each asset we track, powered by innovative, precise, and dense consumption data in real time.


explication fleetenergies

Full visibility, all along the carbon chain

!   Is your company able today to calculate its transport-related CO2 emissions?

Easily monitor scope 1 and 3 emissions and go beyond your carbon impact targets with no effort.

Our technology allows a calculation-free interface based on direct consumed volume measurements.

Our solutions’ granularity makes a precise and accurate shipment emission measurement possible.

It is 100% compliant with leading reporting standards and provides an integrated approach, far from complex calculations going through a multistage conversion.

Start using GHG emissions as a metric for sustainable freight transportation decisions while influencing suppliers to follow.


FleetEnergies method

Total Measured
Fuel Used

Fuel emission

Total GHG
Emissions CO2

Direct measurement throught Fuel volume consumed.

« Stop calculating, 
      Start measuring! »

It's time…

It’s time to transform your business and manage the pressure of increasing fuel costs and carbon legislation.

It’s time to save on unproductive fuel costs and track your sustainability performance.

FE fleetenergies

It’s time to use fleetenergies consumption data!

What gets measured gets managed!

From in-tank physical measurements
to Big Data

For 14 years, we have been using embedded IoT sensing devices, including Fuel Level Sensors, to provide fleets with the most accurate Fuel monitoring System and help them save big on operational costs.

Physical in-tank measurement allowed us to build the most powerful consumption library in the world.

24/7 in-tank volume

Data sent every 90s

received frames daily
per vehicle
0  bn
data points stored in an actionable Data Lake

The most impactful consumption data
on the market

million liters
of fuel saved
each year
0 k
tons of CO2
each year
0 k
digital twins
of consuming
years of positive
impact on transport

Leveraging existing data,
effectively without any equipment

RILCO AI offers shippers and carriers an easy way to access our rich measurement platform, simply connecting and leveraging existing vehicles’ connectivity.

No additional equipment is required.

We connect to
your manufacturer

We enrich the data
patent WO2011048333A1

You reduce
fuel costs and emissions

Eric Elkaim
Eric Elkaim, founder and CEO :

“For 14 years, we have been reducing fuel bills and environmental impacts with a complete IoT solution. Our obsession is now to find a way to make our technology more accessible to create a global impact.
RILCO AI performs without complex installation, leveraging connected vehicle capabilities. From now on, not only carriers but also shippers and logistics partners can benefit from our platform and easily measure, report, and reduce their emissions.”

Learn more about our solutions for :


Secure your fuel tanks
24/7 and save up
to 30%

Increasing energy prices are putting fleet operators under pressure. To stay competitive, a proactive approach to efficient consumption is necessary.

Do not worry! We are here for you.

It will give you all the necessary indicators to manage your fleet daily while making sure you have complete traceability of your fuel inventory. We secure your tank 24/7 and ensure that our onboard alarm and alerting systems protect you against fuel thefts and frauds.

Refueling Control

24/7 In-tank Volume Measurement

Theft Control

Real Consumption


Decarbonization of freight transport.
Made simple.

Get your Scope 1 and 3 real word emissions while we reduce your carriers’ consumption.
Connect 100% of the vehicles to RILCO AI.

1. We connect vehicles

Your carriers connect their trucks to RILCO AI.

truck FleetEnergies
fleetenergies Rilco ai

2. We enrich OEM data

RILCO AI enriches OEM data to produce a real-world emission data via a precise fuel volume monitoring.

3. We reduce carriers’ consumption

Your carriers reduce their impact and cost by up to 15% via our dedicated SaaS Platform (stop waste, fraud, improve
driving performance, etc…).

dashboard fleetenergies.io

4. We connect your shipments

Your logistics partner connects TMS data to RILCO AI. We receive the weight of the total payload to allocate emissions to
specific trips/shipments.

5. You get a full carbon visibility !

Complete and compliant carbon visibility via
real-world measurement,
no calculation.

RILCO2 FleetEnergies

Rich Measurement SaaS Platform

From 9.9 € / month

Real-world consumption

Get granular and precise consumption monitoring of drivers, vehicles, groups, and shipments on specific periods and trips. Your in-tank fuel monitoring will have no (bad) secret anymore!

Theft & waste smart alerting

Secure your operations with an automated theft and waste detection system. Get alerted in real-time with all relevant details (who, what, when, where, and why) for all types of thefts: during refueling, driver frauds, and external siphonage.

Analytics platform

Use our web analytics platform to support your business and management decisions. Optimize and digitalize your operations and fuel events, use your CO2 data as a metric, and implement real-world eco-driving.

Refueling frequency optimization

Use our platform analytics tool to avoid unnecessary working time during refueling, limit the fuel deadweight carried by the vehicles, and avoid having cash sleeping inside the tanks. Our solution will tell you when to refuel to save time and money quickly.

RILCO2 FleetEnergies

RILCO2™ platform

Get access to the most accurate payload emission data via a dedicated Multimodal Carbon Visibility platform or via APIs and ensure the compliance of your carbon reporting.

FE predict™

Generate highly precise consumption and emissions data out of simulated future routes. Pick the most adequate vehicle model within your fleet and effectively answer tenders with the most accurate and optimized consumption and emission info.

FleetDriver mobile App

Keep your driver connected to their performance and give them the tool to ensure a sustainable driving via our Driver App.

Live tracking

Manage your daily operations and help move your business forward. Track vehicles in the field and improve fleet operations and more.

Up to 30% savings
for our fleet operators' clients

Join the leaders
in reducing the climate impact
of freight transportation now!

Join the leaders in
reducing the climate
impact of freight
transportation now !

About us

Fleetenergies is a unique SaaS solution to reduce energy costs and the environmental footprint of vehicles and heavy equipment fleets.

Based on 14 years of R&D and millions of data processed daily, we have developed a patented
technology that allows a very accurate and real-time measurement of fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions of vehicles, drivers and goods.

Our CO2 measurement solution is part of the GLEC scope 1 and 3 carbon reporting.

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